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Christmas Open House

Posted by Katie Lewis on

Here are some pictures from the open house, as usual, I did not remember to take pictures throughout the day!


For anyone wondering...yes, they really were as good as they look... Also, for you creative cookie bakers, the reindeer gingerbread cookies are just a gingerbread man, upside down, and frosted to look like a reindeer! (clever, eh?  Thank you Kelly!!)

We also had mulled cider, and a complimentary jar of bath salts for everyone!  Who doesn't need a relaxing bath this time of year??

This is our life size Father Christmas up in the nook watching over everyone (couldn't get a good picture of him, this is actually through 2 windows!)

Thank you all who made it out to visit us!  Another fun day down in the books!  :)

Merry Christmas!!


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